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Binary Options: How It Changes the Life of Those Who Have Guessed Correctly The Best Insurance Ads in the Media Finding Quotes for House Insurance on The Internet Made Simple

Binary Options: How It Changes the Life of Those Who Have Guessed Correctly

Binary options are making a name in the market as a money earner for its followers. It has made a lot of people believe in their capability to understand such a complicated market, with all its highs and lows, its risk factor and its ever changing  ways of giving or taking money from you. Others […]

The Best Insurance Ads in the Media

Commercials are inevitable. There are billion dollar companies that make most of their revenue from ad sales. We see commercials on tv, hear them on the radio, and see them as we drive down the road. Insurance companies have become really good as using these forms of advertising to get the word out about their […]

Finding Quotes for House Insurance on The Internet Made Simple

Are you in a situation where you have to find insurance for your house? Well have no fear, because with today’s awesome technology it is pretty simple to find lots of insurance quotes for your house online within minutes. Buying a house is hard enough, so don’t over complicate things, just pop online and search […]

Critical Team Members of a Successful Website

Essentials of a Successful WebsiteThe major aspects of  creating a website entails the work of both the web designer and the developer. There are some cases though, where the functions overlap especially if they involve simple projects with small businesses. But for more complicated tasks and for large companies, the collaboration of two technical experts is needed. This tandem can come up with a webpage that’s visually stimulating and works efficiently as well. The designer will take care of the visual element which covers the application of the proper layout and attractive coloring of a page while the developer is in charge of all the working programs and applications that runs on a website. Continue Reading

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Web Design Basics

Web Design BasicsThere are plenty of ways to create a website and depending on your needs, you can try doing it on your own or hire professionals to do it for you. You will definitely benefit from having technical experts do the work for you because web design entails the application of a number of skills and disciplines. If your purpose in making a site is to promote a business, it requires a competent hand so that all details from the creation of the website to its maintenance will be handled well. Continue Reading

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Binary Options: How It Changes the Life of Those Who Have Guessed Correctly

tradingbinaryoptionBinary options are making a name in the market as a money earner for its followers. It has made a lot of people believe in their capability to understand such a complicated market, with all its highs and lows, its risk factor and its ever changing  ways of giving or taking money from you. Others who have started out with trading binary options have had second thoughts of what it is and how it can provide them their money’s worth, but now, a lot has come into the open to share their great stories of success about the trade of binary options and how it has changed their lives for the better.

What stories do they have?

Well, success stories that you should read about, as it might be your turn next time after getting a large amount of financial stability when doing binary options trade.

Here they are in a summarize fashion so you can as easily finish and start trading binary options so you could be the next storyteller who can share her stories of success:

  • Anne from Sydney, Australia – here is a housewife who found herself in a rut after a few mishaps have happened to her life. She was on the job hunt online when she knew about trading binary options. Although she was usually tight on making money decisions because she needed to save, reading on about binary options made her decide to give it a try. She correctly predicted the value of Apple going down against competitor Samsung and has been hooked since then. She said that after three months, she earned $15,000.00 just by getting ahead with research and in the know of what is happening with the growth of the economy. She tells she has paid off her debts and her daughters started calling her a businesswoman.
  • Carol, a housewife turned genius – it was her husband who was trading in the first few months and had no luck in the business, and she asked if she can take a turn at it and might be able to score for the both of them. Cris, the husband, felt that she could not do it, as he was not able to do so. Both of them did not imagine that the money they had, a meager $130 has now transformed into a $16,000 figure after Carol started trading binary options and paired it with her own strategy.
  • Christina, a housewife from Surrey – she had the time in the world to listen to news while cleaning the house, and found some cool binary options trading strategy on YouTube, and thought she can probably use this knowledge and put it to use. She felt freer when she left her husband who was cheating on her, and had more success in the trade, earning at least 3 to 4 thousand pounds a month, which she used to jumpstart a new life. All she had to do was learn the basics and get in touch with the world’s economy.

There you go, it seems that you can be anyone, from anywhere in any walks of life, who can do binary options trading – and succeed. Again, it is most necessary that, as the three ladies has shared, that you be knowledgeable and do research to earn the way they did, and might someday earn more than they have now.

To get started visit BancDeBinary’s website for more information.

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The Best Insurance Ads in the Media

adsCommercials are inevitable. There are billion dollar companies that make most of their revenue from ad sales. We see commercials on tv, hear them on the radio, and see them as we drive down the road. Insurance companies have become really good as using these forms of advertising to get the word out about their companies and the products they offer. Weather you are looking for car insurance, motorcycle insurance, or house insurance, there is an ad for that. This article will go over some of the most iconic ads you will see about insurance companies.

There are several ads that we just never forget. Insurance companies pay advertising agencies lot of money to make sure everyone never forgets the ads they produce. Some of the most poplar ads are the following:

1. The Caveman: This might be the most popular insurance ad in existence. It was really what helped make Geico so popular. The whole idea is Geico is so easy that even a caveman can do it. They were trying to get people to go to their website and find a quote. This was at a time where web technologies were just starting to become prevalent. Many people were afraid of going online because they thought it was too hard. This commercial helped a lot of people over come that stigma. This commercial was so popular that there was even a whole tv series sprouted off the idea. Go here
to see a current example of an easy quote system.

2. Three Little Pigs: This is another great from Geico. It is a spinoff from the classic three little pigs and big bad wolf story. It basically involves this pig in a car going wee wee all the way home. This was a great commercial because everyone has heard the story of the pigs and has played the 5 little pigs game. This commercial is more recent and much like Geico used to drive people to their website, they have now focused more and more on developing the app and pointing people towards using that.

3. Good Neighbor: State farm has also got really creative with their ads. Many people get frustrated with insurance because they feel like they are just another customer and they don’t get the treatment or respect they deserved as a paying customer. This is why State Farm launched their “Like a good neighbor state farm is there” this was a commercial that was designed to reassure people. They wanted to get across the idea that if you went with State Farm you were going to be working with someone like your neighbor.

Those are some of the three most popular Insurance Ads. These are Ads that many people all over the world have seen and will never forget. Check out our website to see some great examples of insurance, and advertising.

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Finding Quotes for House Insurance on The Internet Made Simple

insureAre you in a situation where you have to find insurance for your house? Well have no fear, because with today’s awesome technology it is pretty simple to find lots of insurance quotes for your house online within minutes. Buying a house is hard enough, so don’t over complicate things, just pop online and search for home insurance quotesinstantly. This article will go over some of the biggest reasons to get house insurance.

There are several reasons you would want to look into house insurance online, but the most popular are the following:

1. Required: Do you have a mortgage? Well guess what? More than likely you are going to be required to have house insurance. The concept behind this is very simple. If you owe money on the house the bank or lender wants to make sure the asset is insured. This is because if anything happens to the house then you are covered. For example, let’s say a candle gets spilled over and light the house on fire. If your house burned down then you are more than likely to not pay your mortgage, if you don’t have insurance. This is the same concept with car insurance. If you have a car, and you have a loan on that car or you are making payments to the dealer, then they are going to require full coverage insurance. Whereas if you don’t have a loan on your car then you are going to be able to get partial insurance and save some money. So if you are required to have house insurance then get online and start googling around.

2. Security: Even if you are not required to have home owners insurance, then you might consider getting it anyways, here’s why: If you have home owners insurance you are going to have a lot more security and probably stress out less. You never know when an accident or disaster is going to strike. It could be a hurricane, a house fire, or a tree that falls on your house. You never know what’s going to happen. Lets face it houses are expensive, and it’s one of the biggest investments most people will ever make. Make sure that investment is projects with some home owners insurance.

3. Resale Value: This might not seem very important, but when it comes to selling your home having house insurance might help out more than you think. Having the confidence to be able to say, “This house has been insured for quite some time, and the company will more than likely transfer the policy to you” is an awesome thing. When someone is buying ah ouse from you there are going to be worried about getting their own house insurance, so knowing that the house is insurable will definitely take a load off.

These are the most popular reasons to get to a computer and start looking for quotes online. In your search you a re going to come across a lot of companies, Check out these FAQ’s about home insurance to find some of the most sought after questions and confers. You can also learn more about home insurance by at that website.

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Promoting Your New Online Venture

optimizationWhen it comes to starting up a brand new business, be it online or offline, the first major challenge is securing clientele.

You will hear arguments for which component of a successful business is most crucial, but really, without customers there is no business and in that sense, marketing is the most important component to success.

Here are a few online business start-up basics:

Start Marketing Early

Nothing else matters if you cannot attract enough clients or customers to sustain your business. The number one priority of all small business owners within the first year is to establish their brand and increase the number of customers buying their products or services.

This requires getting started as early as possible, even marketing to prospective customers before the business has been funded. Doing this will allow for you to better assess the potential demand for services, as well as anticipate the operating costs of the business during the first year.

Early on, the focus should be on sales, attracting leads and converting them into paying customers. The earliest you can start, the better it will be for your business in the long term.

Simple SEO Tips And Tricks

One of the simplest changes you can make to improve your ranking in the search engines is to make some basic on-site changes. This includes using the correct keywords in your title tags, using the correct heading tags, increasing/improving the amount of content on your site, speeding up your website, improving the setup of your site and similar small changes. These might not catapult you up the search rankings, that they can make enough difference to be worthwhile.

There is a mystique surrounding SEO, but the basic SEO skills are not difficult to achieve. Ranking for local noncompetitive terms is something that anyone can learn to do, but more competitive keywords will require some outside help in most situations. Start by following the above simple SEO tip and monitor your ranking positions for improvements. Beyond that, follow along with a popular website such as the Australian Business Hub (www.australianbusinesshub.com.au).

Facebook Advertising

Once you are comfortable with your presence on Facebook you can begin to use the advertising system to bring in more potential customers to your page/website. The advertising system on Facebook is a marketers dream because you can target your advertising to users by a variety of metrics (age, interest, gender, likes and many more).

Marketing with Facebook has become a standard for any business and by following the above tips you can begin to create a strong presence. Once you have mastered these simple tips you can begin to expand your skills and learn some of the more complex marketing methods.

All the best as you build your online empire!

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Surprising My Son With a Tablet

tablet for kidsNext weekend (Saturday) is my son’s fifth birthday and I want to get him a tablet that he can use to play educational games, do art, etc. and I started looking at the various options out right now. He’s five, so of course I want to get him something a bit sturdy and that I don’t have to worry so much about braking, but I also don’t want to get him just a “toy.” So here are some of the options I’m considering.

1. iPad Mini. Of course, you can’t rule out Apple when you think of tablet. I really like the iPad Mini because the App Store features tons of apps for kids and I can always add a new app when my son gets tired of one after a while. However, I don’t like how fragile they are. I definitely will need to get a really strong case to protect it from accidental drops. It will probably be an inside only “toy” so I’m not sure just how worried I should be since he’s not that tall and therefore the drop not that high. Another thing is the price. It’s definitely an expensive gift for a five year old.

2. LeapPad2. LeapFrog is also the very well known company to make tablets for kids. They are extremely popular and make different ones for different age groups. But that’s the problem. What happens in a few months when my son gets bored of the existing activities, games, and apps on the LeapFrog? This is where the iPad Mini trumps the LeapPad, because it doesn’t have as many apps available as the App Store. Although, the LeapPad is built with sturdier plastics and is far cheaper, it hasn’t won me over.

3. Amazon Kindle HD. When I think of the best tablet for kids, I never thought of Amazon, but alas, they have the Kindle HD, which has been selling relatively well and is very popular among the educated (people who like to read). I would very much like my son to read more books and the Kindle HD features a color screen so it would be great for comics or illustrated books. They also have an app store as well; however, the Amazon app store is not nearly as big as the Apple App Store.

I brought my decision down to these three tablets, but I still couldn’t make the decision. I decided to Google and see what other people were saying was the best one and I found a great site about the best tablets for kids. It wasn’t until after I read this site over that I had made my decision.

If you already couldn’t tell from my “reviews,” I definitely picked the iPad Mini. Although it’s expensive and fragile, it is the only product that has a long term potential and that my kid will love ever three years from now thanks to the App Store. I also like how I can simply buy a really big case to make it instantly sturdier. Even though it is expensive, I really think my son will enjoy it and I am confident it’s the best tablet for my kid.

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SIP Trunking Your Way to Online Marketing

onlinemarketingThe latest trend for online marketing companies these days is sip trunking. This technology allows online businesses to get phone service for much lower than the cost of traditional business phone service and doesn’t tie any one business to a physical location like traditional phone services typically do. This means that online businesses can be lean and it means that they can be location independent as well. There are quite a few sip solutions in existence today but Primus is becoming more and more popular among the newer startups, probably because of their modular pricing system which makes it easy to purchase for businesses small and large. Because price is a big factor for businesses to go with a sip solution over traditional phone services, using a modular pricing system where smaller businesses can harness the power of scalability is a huge factor when it comes to popularity of a solution and probably why Primus is a popular choice among small businesses.

If you aren’t quite sure if a sip solution is right for you and your business, go to primus.ca/business/phone/sip-trunking/? to read more information in sip trunking and how it can fit your business and budget. There are probably very few situations where sip trunking isn’t a good fit for you or your business. On average the typical small business can save about $1000 a year when switching to a sip solution and that means you can recuperate your costs of switching in less than 3 years. It is estimated that by the year 2020, over 75% of businesses will use sip trunking in one fashion or another, either as their main business phone service or to supplement their main business phone service. As of now the current usage among businesses is around 33% so the expected growth is pretty big over the next six years. The adoption of sip technology will probably hit critical mass in about 3 years and that’s about the time when prices will be half of what they cost now to implement a full sip trunking solution for your business.

You can wait for those prices to come down or you can utilize the technology now and recuperate your costs by the time the 3 year mark hits. There are other benefits besides saving money on your monthly phone bills as well. The mobility of a sip system cannot be matched by traditional phone service. You simply pick up your equipment and move to another office, plug it all in and your phone system is operational immediately. Traditional phone service cannot do that and the location to which you move a sip system doesn’t matter one bit so long as your internet connectivity remains intact. The places I have worked at in the past were early adopters of technology and sip was no exception. Some of the companies started using it in-house only and some of the companies I have worked for made the wholesale switch. Eventually even the companies who bought the system for in-house use only, switched to using it for all of their telecommunication needs. It has worked out well for all companies that have made the switch.

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Branding for CEOs

brandingIn the age of the Internet, cultivating your own personal brand is crucial for everyone. This is especially true for the CEO of a company because the CEO is considered the visible leader and the symbolic figurehead. The CEO is representative of what the company stands for.

The most legendary “branded CEO” of this era was certainly Steve Jobs. He was always seen wearing a distintive black turtle neck. That was part of his personal brand. This man will surely be remembered for the effective ways in which he changed gaming, music, computing and telecommunication with his superior aesthetic vision and provocative management style. One of things which interests people most about Steve Jobs was his acknowledgement of his own instincts. It was his instincts that eventually paved way to the formation of a hi-tech brand “Apple” rather than something traditional and conventional. It was his perception of design principles that pushed him to manifest his unique products. This instinctive vision led to the invention of iPod, iPhone, iPad and Pixar.

Some of the most famous figures in the business world have strong personal brands and just the mention of their name conjures ideas and images of who they are and what their company stands for.

Whenever anyone questions me regarding branding, I often ask them to recall Richard Branson. Without completing any professional education, Branson has effortlessly created one of the most distinctive brands in the world, Virgin. Irrespective of the countless markets in which Virgin operates (telecommunications, airlines, music), Virgin continues to be an understandable brand. Branson himself can be portrayed as the best exemplification of his company: loud and amicable, adventurous and fearless; anything that features the Virgin label carries a stamped seal of approval from Branson himself. Whatever he endorses involves risk, fun, innovation and a wonderful type of humanity and civility.

Other well-known SEOs whose lives appear to be identical with the brand they are associated with are Oprah and Martha Stewart.

During 1990s, Martha Stewart rose to fame and fortune. She was at the top of her career: operating a top-selling lifestyle magazine, hosting a famous TV show and cultivating important retailers from around the world. She projected her image of fine, discerning taste and national excellence with astounding success. However, everything changed after she went to prison for insider trading. Her image was tarnished and she fell from her high throne.

Though many of us came to a conclusion that Stewart’s entertainment days were over, we were wrong. This clever lady re-established her business with an all-new Martha. After some time had passed, she allowed people to see her frailties and weaknesses. She seemed to be honest and authentic about admitting her mistakes. She changed the format of her TV show from a finely honed, pre-recorded show to a more spontaneous chat show with a lively audience. Although Martha Stewart’s business saw many ups and downs, the lady stayed true to herself. As Martha once said, “My life is my business and my business is my life.”

While these stellar examples of personal branding seem quite natural and unguarded, rest-assured that they all used branding agencies to help manage their public image. A good brand manager will make a personal brand appear seamless and natural.

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The Unintended Benefits of Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceMissing merchandise outside the acceptable level led me to install video surveillance at my store. I spend my time, money and creativity to create one-of-a-kind jewelery pieces that were suddenly walking off on their own. Rather than continue to lose merchandise, I installed a video surveillance system at my shop. Not only did theft become non-existent, I was able to create an advertisement video for my website from the footage … and the video went viral!

An Unexpected Visitor

Shortly after I installed the video surveillance system, I had an unexpected client walk in after business hours. A bear entered my Rocky Mountain retreat and was intrigued by the flash and sparkle of my jewelry! Thank goodness no one was there because he was a big boy estimated at 600 or more pounds. After perusing the wares, the brown bear broke into a glass display cabinet to grab a handful of necklaces, one of which, ironically, had a fish motif. By this time, the police had arrived and used a tranquilizer dart to subdue the beast so that he could be relocated back to the woods above my store. With the bear removed, I had a mess on my hands. Broken glass was everywhere and I had to secure the shop with plywood to protect what was left. After talking with the officers and my insurance agent, it was nearly 4 am and I was exhausted. With all of the confusion and concern that night, I forgot about the entire episode being recorded.

The next morning, attempting to clean up and reorganize my shop, I remembered the video surveillance system. I was so excited to see the cameras had caught all of the action from various angles. Not only was I able to provide the recording to the evening news for some free publicity, I also sent the files to a friend of mine specializing in music videos, Jon. When he received the footage, he was beside himself. Using a combination of editing, lighting effects and music, he transformed my video surveillance into an amazing piece of advertisement that had me laughing so hard I cried. He had the bear dancing to an upbeat tune and twirling with my necklaces. It was incredible to watch and I knew I had a hit.

Because of the media coverage, my website was being flooded with visitors. I immediately added Jon’s video to my website and all of my social media. Within an hour, it had received over 500 views. That number was in the ten thousands by lunch and in the hundreds of thousands by dinner. At breakfast the next morning, we had reached over one million visitors. Almost overnight, my shop became a “must-see” for visiting tourists and an ongoing topic of conversation of locals. My online orders grew by over 2000% and my pieces became available on a pre-order basis only due to the demand. I was living the dream, making more than a comfortable living doing what I loved, and I owed it all to a bear, my hard work, creativity and an finding a company that offered affordable video surveillance systems, like socalaccessandvideo.com.

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5 Strategies for Marketing Your Product on Your Website

shutterstock_85242295It used to be that when you wanted to announce your impending release of some great new product, all you had to do was write up a press release, put it out on the wire, and have the news media take care of the rest. While these old school methods are still relatively important, there are many other platforms that you need to address to ensure the most successful product launch. In this article we’ll look at some strategies you can employ to get the most out of your online marketing campaign.

Online Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising (also known as PPC) is a great way to increase brand awareness and get your product in front of a ton of eyeballs all across the globe. There are many pay per click services out there, but by far the best known and most widely used is Google’s AdWords program. Paid advertising on social media such as Facebook has seen a huge jump in usage and success rate in the past few years as well.

The one thing to watch out for in any paid advertising program is that the ads that are put up for you are both clickable and direct the traffic directly to a page on your website.

Marketing with an Email List

Email marketing is a great way to establish relationships with your customers and reward them with special content or deals. If you’re just launching a new product, you can create a “pre-sale” program and offer that exclusively to the members of your email list. The key to successful email marketing is to offer something of value to your email list members. You don’t want every email you send to your list to be nothing but a pitch for a product available on your site. When you provide something of value you not only build trust in your brand but also provide a feeling of exclusivity that is appealing (everyone loves to be the “only one” getting the sweet deals or exclusive info)

Group Shopping Sites

Large group shopping sites such as Groupon, Deal On and Living Social provide an opportunity for you to get your product in front of people who are already in the buying mindset. The popularity of sites like these have exploded in recent years.

Reach Out to Bloggers in Your Industry

These days it’s pretty safe to assume that if it exists, someone is blogging about it. A good strategy is to reach out to those bloggers who have sites that are related to your industry and have a good amount of traffic coming to them. The methods you use to reach out to bloggers are the same you would use to reach out to a traditional media outlet. You want to make sure you know who their audience is and make sure you treat them with the same level of respect that you would treat a traditional journalist.

It’s not a bad idea to have a blog of your own on your site as well. Don’t think that just because your product might be small or very niche specific that people aren’t looking for information about it. As an example, AirFilterBuy, which has a blog on their site, is a company that sells air filters and other HVAC related items. Someone looking to buy a furnace filter could end up on http://airfilterbuy.com by way of their blog first and then make their way to the sales page from there.

Social Networks

This is the new frontier in online marketing. If you’re not utilizing social networks in your campaign then you’re leaving aside one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and the like it’s time to create one. Once you have that, you can put your product info out there where it has the potential to be shared with millions of other users.

These are a few of the strategies out there for you to consider to improve your brand’s web presence and get more eyeballs on your product. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Hopefully the rewards will far outweigh the little amount of work you have to put in. Good luck!

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Effective Photo Booth Rental Website

websiteWe cover a lot of internet marketing theory on this site, but today I thought I’d break down some of the nitty-gritty that can make or break a website. Having a bird’s eye view of the strategies and mindset you need to employ is one thing, but you still have to be able to execute. That’s where effective tactics and an eye for detail become your best friends.

The goal of any website is to make money. Well, the goal of any website for savvy internet marketers and media folks like us, right? If you want that site to make money, then you need to inspire money-making action on the part of the visitor. To inspire that action, you have to understand the psychological frameworks that motivate people and the tactics to employ to engage that framework to cause the precipitous action you are trying to encourage.

Wait, what not? Maybe my brain just scrambled. I feel like Will Ferrell on Old School after the debate scene. “Uhh, did I just black out? What happened?! What happened?!”

Let’s talk about a niche specific example of an effective marketing site. Our example is SCJ Photo Booths from the New Jersey photo booth rental market. “Why is this website effective?” you, my fictional reader are asking.

Here are some of the reasons why that is the case:

    • Hot Girls

They masterminds behind this site have decided to show photos of hot girls enjoying the byproducts of their…errr..product in header. This is a beautiful move because, let’s be honest here folks, sex sells. Let me say that again for the dunces in the audience, sex really, really sells. That’s why deodorant and soap companies pay models millions to appear in their commercials. They know that provokes a response in the male, hind, lizard brain that goes something like this: “Hrrmpph, I wonder if I be that soap if I’ll get those girls….Hrmmpphh.” Clearly, we are tragic victims of our own deductive reasoning and logic. But, c’est la vie,eh?

    • Cool examples

If you’ll look on the right sidebar of the site you’ll see how this company is showcasing one of the clever uses of their product. By having your picture taken in their photo booths you can then customize your ugly (or pretty) mug in the cover of any number of famous magazines. It’s a clever, funny little thing that definitely will sell and be a blast for when you have the photo booth at your party or event. People love that sort of thing!

The next thing you might be thinking is what can they do to improve their site? Hey, no website is perfect. Even mine! “No shit, Sherlock!” You’re probably saying. To which I might reply, “I need better readers” or maybe I’d offer you a full-refund of your one-year purchase price.

Anyway, to improve the call to action, I would offer fewer hurdles to getting into contact with the guys. As of right now, they’re asking for a name, email, multiple phone numbers, and other data. Sure, this might weed out spam and people who aren’t serious about renting a phone booth, but at some point you have opportunity costs. How many people might check out the competitor site who has fewer hurdles to submitting their info?

It’s an interesting question to ponder, since you also must way in the time and energy cost of having to deal with extra, non-serious information requests. Hey, for all I know, this guys might have already tested the mess out of this and are happy with what they have.

Shows what I know!

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